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80GB SATA-150 Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM Oem ST380013AS

Rating 5 stars
80GB SATA150 Barracuda 7200RPM Oem ST380013AS


MPN: ST380013AS
UPS: 683728118846
Package Quantity: 1

80GB SATA-150 Barracuda 7200RPM Oem ST380013AS , a great hard disk drive made by Seagate gives power into your computer system. The barcode for this is 683728118846. I feel you will love that the drive comes along with this feature, 8. 5 ms average access time (read) 9. 5 ms average access time (write) 7. 6 ms average latency. Other highlights consist of serial ata interface. The hard disk drive weighs only 3 lbs. 80gb sata-150 barracuda 7200rpm oem st380013as . If you want a good deal on this drive, visit our partners via the button below.


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