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Seagate Barracuda 7200. 8 400GB SATA/150 7200RPM 8MB Hard Drive

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Barracuda 7200 8 400GB SATA150 7200RPM


MPN: 9Y7385-110
UPS: 683728183776
Package Quantity: 1

Buying a drive for the pc? See the Barracuda 7200 8 400GB SATA150 7200RPM - a great product by Seagate. In my opinion, you will love that the item includes this feature, power specifications: +5v, 0. 46a +12v, 0. 56a regulatory approvals: c ulus ce c-tick mic. Other highlights consist of 90-day warranty. Model# 9Y7385-110. Purchasing a Barracuda 7200 8 400GB SATA150 7200RPM .

Add up to 400 GB of storage capacity and have plenty of space for MP3 files, picture files and huge downloads. 90-DAY WARRANTY 8 ST3400832AS SATA hard drive features a WHOPPING 400 GB storage capacity! With its 7200 RPM spindle speed, SATA/150 transfer rate and 8 MB buffer you can expect quick, smooth, and reliable operation! This Seagate Barracuda 7200. Upgrade today!


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