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Seagate Barracuda Green 1 Tb 5900 Rpm Sata 3GB/S 32MB Cache 3. 5 Inch Internal Bare Drive ST1000DL002

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Barracuda Green 1 Tb 5900 Rpm Sata 3GBS


Model: ST1000DL002
UPS: 763649029282
Package Quantity: 1

It's my opinion you will love that the item features this feature of ships in certified frustration-free packaging. Other features include 1tb capacity and 32mb cache and cool, quiet operation. The HDD dimensions are 1.03" Height x 5.78" Length x 4" Width. It weighs only 1.39 lbs. Are you presently looking at buying a Seagate hard drive and you are simply looking for the very best price for this for it? Or you want to know the opinions of some other clients before you purchase it? In this case you happen to be in the right place. Cheapest price Barracuda Green 1 , add to cart by clicking on the link below.

Barracuda Green hard drives from Seagate save you time. The fastest green drive performance presented with Smart Align technology for Advanced Format means your drive performs faster and makes the transition to 4K sector technology a snap! Of course, Barracuda Green drives comply with every of the Restriction of Hazardous Substance (Ro HS) Directive, a regulation that limits hazardous materials in electronic goods. It's the green energy drive that won't slow you down. When again, Seagate leads the industry with high-capacity drive offerings. Barracuda Green drives deliver excellent power savings without sacrificing drive or system performance, giving customers the capability to manufacture PC systems and external storage systems that meet energy savings specifications. Save energy, go fast and skip the software utilities required by other Advanced Format drives. As a result, our customers can have the best of both worlds-top hard-drive performance and the satisfaction of knowing they are using a high-capacity drive with a incredibly tiny ecofootprint. With Barracuda Green hard drives you get fast performance, cool quiet operation and no-hassle integration.


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