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Seagate Constellation Es 1 Tb 7200RPM 6 Gb/s Sata 64MB Cache 3. 5 Inch Internal Bare Drive ST1000NM0011

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Constellation Es 1 Tb 7200RPM 6 Gbs
Seagate Constellation Es 1 Tb 7200RPM 6 Gbs Sata 64MB Cache 3 5 Inch Internal Bare Drive ST1000NM0011 Image 1


Model: ST1000NM0011
UPS: 763649028858
Package Quantity: 1

Seagate Constellation Es 1 Tb 7200RPM 6 Gb/s Sata 64MB Cache 3. 5 Inch Internal Bare Drive ST1000NM0011 manufactured by Seagate the right hard disk drives enhancement. Among the list of major features is the seagate raid rebuild development platform significantly reduces hours of lost productivity. Other highlights include things like 1 tb capacity and 6 gb/s sata. The HDD is 1.03"H x 4.01"L x 5.79"W. It weighs close to 1.41 lbs. Buying a Constellation Es 1 Tb 7200RPM 6 Gb/s . I would like you to get the best price and service when shopping for a drive.

The Seagate Constellation ES drive may possibly be the fifth-generation 3. Employed by industry-leading enterprise OEMs, system builders and integrators who create cost-effective and high-capacity enterprise-class server and storage solutions, the Constellation ES drive may be the first drive that offers both the industry-leading 6Gb/s SAS interface - with its proven scalability, performance and enterprise features - and the classic SATA (3Gb/s or 6Gb/s) interface for seamless enterprise integration. Additionally, the Constellation ES drive carries a 5-year limited warranty. This family members of high-capacity enterprise-class hard drives is capable of storing an unprecedented 76TB per square foot (in its 2TB capacity) , maximizing data center floor space at a low $/GB. With substantial capacity drives comes longer RAID rebuild times, but with the new Seagate RAID Rebuild improvement platform, consumers can significantly shorten rebuild times and minimize productivity losses while protecting critical information. 5-inch hard drive for capacity-optimized 7200-RPM enterprise environments. Be completely assured knowing this nearline drive optimizes your 3. It enables cost-effective, very efficient enterprise storage solutions with high capacities, best-in-class reliability, top 6Gb/s performance, optimized energy and cooling, and government-grade information safety - all backed by world-class Seagate enterprise service and support. This is perfect for enterprise-tiered storage solutions or small-to-medium businesses, which lack the luxury of a temperature-controlled data center. The Constellation ES drive extends the industry's best field-proven reliability into a high-capacity nearline drive according to world-renowned Seagate enterprise experience, including support, design, lifecycle management and eco-system compatibility. 5-inch chassis performance with the lowest energy draw (a lot much less than 8W) , running cooler in higher-temperature environments.


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