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Seagate Pipeline Hd 1 Tb 5900RPM Sata 3GB/S Ncq 8MB Cache 3. 5 Inch Internal Bare Drive ST31000322CS

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Pipeline Hd 1 Tb 5900RPM Sata 3GBS Ncq


Model: ST31000322CS
UPS: 102646195598
Package Quantity: 1

Pc addicts propose this Pipeline Hd 1 Tb 5900RPM - a great Seagate hard drive manufactured by Seagate. Model# 0102646195598. In my opinion you will like that the item comes along with this feature, designed for cool, quiet, worry-free, 24x7 operation 365 days a year. always on, always reliable. The Seagate hard drive weighs only 1.6 lbs. Shopping for the pipeline hd 1 tb 5900rpm . If you want a good deal for this hard disk drive, click on the link below.

Supporting capacities up to 2TB, Seagate Pipeline HD series tough drives were designed to deliver 24x7, dependable operation with performance tuning oriented toward low-power consumption, silent operation and smooth video streaming performance. Boasting the industry's lowest general power consumption profiles and coupled with all the Seagate commitment to environmental compliance, Pipeline HD drives are significantly far more than green; they supply customers a complete sustainability worth proposition which incorporates top environmental stewardship plus a concentrate on customer satisfaction. With the capability to support a minimum of 10 simultaneous streams of HD content and operate at temperatures of up to 75 ° C, they offer trustworthy storage that enables consumers to take complete advantage of premium services like digital video recording and video on demand.


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