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Seagate ST340014AS 40GB Hard Drive

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ST340014AS 40GB Hard Drive


Model: ST340014AS
UPS: 102645803180
Package Quantity: 1

With the invention of the Internet, you an buy various items from the convenience of your home. The ST340014AS 40GB Hard Drive happens to be a type of excellent Seagate hard drive you can get out there. In case you are thinking of buying this item, you've come to the ideal place. We supply you exclusive discounted rates just for this hard disk drive with protected purchase. A list of characteristics include hard drive, 40gb 7200 rpm and seagate barracuda. The UPC (Universal Product Code) for this product is 102645803180. The drive has a weight of 2 lbs. Lowest price ST340014AS 40GB Hard Drive .


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