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Seagate SV35 500 Gb 7200RPM Sata 6-GB/S Ncq 32MB Cache 3. 5-INCH Internal Bare Drive ST3500411SV

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SV35 500 Gb 7200RPM Sata 6GBS Ncq 32MB


Model: ST3500411SV
UPS: 763649029350
Package Quantity: 1

763649029350 is the UPC for this product. The HDD has a weight of 0.95 lbs. The warranty these drives come with is five year limited. sv35 500 gb 7200rpm sata 6-gb/s ncq 32mb . Should you need a great deal on this hard disk drive, check out the add to shopping cart button below.

The ought to have for high-capacity, high-performance and dependable storage for modern video surveillance systems has never been greater. Combined with surveillance-optimized firmware as well because the new SATA 6Gb/s interface, SV35 Series drives provide the storage power, performance and reliability to meet the needs of modern video surveillance systems. SV35 Series drives offer an array of attributes that give surveillance system developers the best capabilities to fine-tune their storage resolution by optimizing and managing power, monitoring and managing temperature, and targeting information delivery for video or metadata packets. Seagate responds employing the sixth-generation SV35 Series hard drives. SV35 Series drives are built on a platform leveraging leading areal densities to deliver fast information transfer rates to help a lot of concurrent video surveillance cameras. Tailored for the unique needs of surveillance system designers, SV35 Series drives offer you performance and fine-tuning, all backed by a 5-year restricted warranty.


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